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AJC TOP STORY CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK; ; Virus cases among children show surge

Aug 27, 2020 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

COVID-19 in those under age of 18 has jumped 65%in past month.

At the hospital, Jy'Merius Glynn seemed confused, unable to recognize his mother at times.

As the staff worked frantically to get down his raging fever of 105 degrees, Tieeisha Hunt relayed details about how her son had complained of a stomach ache days before, but seemed fine. The 17-year-old had watched TV, played video games and didn't act in any way that raised alarm.

Then he collapsed on his bedroom floor.

Because her son has epilepsy, Hunt's first thoughts as she called 911 was that the neurological disorder was the cause. She would soon find out, though, that he had an undetected case of COVID-1...