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Chicago outdoors & COVID-19 updates: FPD of Will Co., Chain, Waukegan, Geneva Musky Conference, McHenry CCD

Apr 02, 2020 - Chicago Sun-Times

The Forest Preserve District of Will County extends restrictions, rescheduled Geneva Musky Conference, Chain O'Lakes word, Waukegan word and trout within McHenry CCD are the updates for Thursday, April 2. Updates and reschedulings come around Chicago outdoors because of the impact of COVID-19: Fish Preserve District of Will County, Chain O'Lakes, Chicagoland Muskie Hunters, Waukegan, and McHenry County Conservation District. Here are some updates through this afternoon, Thursday, April 2.

The biggest comes from the Forest Preserve District of Will County today. Here are the key lead paragraphs, read carefully if you are wondering about fishin...