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CITI PROVES THERE IS LIFE IN M&A MEGA-DEALS; TeaThe death of global M&A activity is very much exaggerated, say Mark Shafir and Cary Kochman of Citi, which has advised on four of 2019's mega-deals. They explain why to Edward Russell-Walling. m of the month

Sep 01, 2019 - The Banker
Mergers and Acquisitions-Negative Financial Results

Are GLOBAL mergers And Acquisitions (M&A) running out of steam? In 2019, firsthalf M&A volumes worldwide were nearly 10% down on those in 2018, as investor sentiment appeared to cool. But the two investment bankers who run M&A at Citi say the outlook is positive, at least in the long term, for several different reasons. Since theirs is one of the industry's most visible M&A teams - Citi was an adviser on four of the first half 's five biggest takeovers - their views carry some weight.