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'I'm in reasonably good shape for a man of my age'; Profile Dance with girlfriend Alessandra Masi in Venice in September At 74, Charles Dance is enjoying both a latecareer flourish and new-found heart-throb status. As he steals scenes in the Oscar-buzzy N

Mar 20, 2021 - The Daily Telegraph (London)

By his own admission, Charles Dance has always been more or less a private man. He doesn't court publicity - 'I don't have a press agent,' he says, 'I've never understood why people do' - and certainly doesn't court the paparazzi. But last September he dropped the ball, and boy, did he pay for it.

Dance was in Venice with his girlfriend, the Italian film producer Alessandra Masi, when he thought he'd found a quiet portion of beach, away from prying eyes and snapping lenses, to enjoy a spla...