Keith Hughes is no longer serving in their position at The First National Bank of Hutchinson

Jan 13, 2020
Board and Executive Moves
Background Information
First Wealth Management manages fixed income portfolios with the goal of producing income, while at the same time protecting principal and limiting market value. To accomplish these objectives, they utilize a combination of U.S. Treasury and Agency securities, along with exposure to investment grade quality corporate bonds (through ETFs). For customers whose tax brackets provide them the benefit of generating tax-free income, First Wealth purchases high-quality municipal (tax-free) bonds in an effort to maximize their net after tax yield. The structure their fixed income portfolios uses a laddered maturity schedule. The average maturity of our fixed income portfolios is typically about 4-7 years. First Wealth managed taxable fixed income portfolios with a 50/50 balance between U.S. Government securities (i.e. Treasuries & Agencies) and corporate bonds. The composition is adjusted periodically, based on the firm's view of current and expected economic conditions, and the related risk premiums for each asset class.structure our customers’ equity portfolios using a combination of securities designed to produce long-term results that, at a minimum, provide above average returns relative to the general market.We are not proponents of market timing. As a result, we are firm believers that fully invested positions, once established, should be maintained throughout market fluctuations, with rebalancing to take place on an as needed basis. As a general rule, we implement a dollar cost average approach when investing new funds into the equity markets. This approach helps mitigate the risk of buying into the equity market at the most inopportune time.First Wealth utilizes a variety of equity securities within their equity accounts, including individual stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. exchange traded funds. Their investment staff monitors changing economic and market conditions, as well as, current and developing investment practices and related securities in the marketplace.