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MEGA MERGER: Brookstone Capital Management and FormulaFolios Combine to Create $6.5 Billion+ RIA; Together, the Firm Creates One of the Largest RIAs Catering to Independent Retirement Advisors

Jul 08, 2020 - PR Newswire
Board and Executive Moves-Mergers and Acquisitions

PR Newswire

 Two of the industry's largest and fastest-growing Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firms, Brookstone Capital Management and FormulaFolios, are combining to create a $6.5 billion+ RIA. This merger positions the firm as a leading provider of advisory services to its targeted niche of retirement advisors. The combined company will retain the Brookstone name and will reflect the best that each firm has to offer, including exclusive and expansive state-of-the-art technologies,...