Pete J. Gunning has changed positions at Russell Investment Management LLC

Oct 24, 2018
Board and Executive Moves
Background Information
RIM's client assets are primarily invested using a multi-style, multi-manager diversification approach. They offer investment advice regarding equities and fixed-income securities, as well as certain derivative instruments. They may also recommend that managed account clients invest in affiliated funds, certain other pooled investment vehicles, other open- or closed-end mutual funds, separate account programs, individual securities or other assets. RIM researches investment advisors for different asset classes and investment styles. They invest in pooled investment vehicles and/or manages funds to either fully or closely replicate indexes (some of which may be affiliated). In certain cases, they may create custom baskets of index and benchmark securities based on multiple risk factors specific to client portfolios utilizing automated model databases. RIM directly manages funds that are managed to money market guidelines and other fixed-income accounts. The portfolio manager focuses on diversification of risks including credit risk, interest rate risk and redemption risk. The firm's investment services involve managing third party managers who are responsible for discrete portions of the portfolios of RIM's clients.