Suffolk University Law School donated at least $10K to American Bar Association - Fund for Justice and Education in 2018

Apr 09, 2020
Donations and Philanthropy
Background Information
The Fund for Justice Education FJE was created to support the American Bar Associations ABA law-related and public services education programs.
One great way to learn about a law school is to ask students and alumni for a story about a memorable experience. Here at Suffolk Law, the community is full of stories about life-changing moments in the law: working on a mobile app that helps pro se litigants; writing the rules of civil procedure in collaboration with an Indian tribe; clerking for a judge downtown during the 1L summer; representing a small entrepreneur in a trademark infringement case against Monster Energy Drink, are just a few of thousands of examples. Talk to our community members about our Top 20 ranked clinical, legal writing, dispute resolution and law technology programs; ask them about their relationships with faculty. And let their answers speak for themselves.