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US GOVTS WRAP - Rally reverses at 1.918% 30s, back to strength selling for supply

Feb 09, 2021 - Nasdaq

By Duncan Balsbaugh

Feb 9 (IFR)

* Oversold Rally Reverses After 30s Touch 1.918%

* 3s Sale Strong, Cautiously Optimistic For 10s/30s

* Trading Bias Back To Strength Seller For Supply

* Wednesday CPI, WI, TB, Powell, $41 Bn 10s Sale

The rally from oversold and over-steep conditions continued in Tuesday’s treasuries trade. By 10:00 ET 30s touched 1.918% and the 5s/30s yield curve spread staked 144.6 bps tights. However from there, shorts commenced concession s...